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Best Dressed: 5 Style Rules for Plus Size Wedding Guests

Best Dressed: 5 Style Rules for Plus Size Wedding Guests
Best Dressed: 5 Style Rules for Plus Size Wedding Guests

It’s wedding season, y’all! I’m sure you’re spring and summer calendar are already filled with dates for weddings. And you need to figure out what to wear! Your mission is to look fabulous, avoid pain, and not upstage the bride. It’s easier than you think, but be sure you follow a few simple rules! Here are my 5 style rules for plus size wedding guests this year.

1. DO: Look BeYOUtiful

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress Joanna Hope Simply Be
Outfit details: Joanna Hope Beaded Midi Dress from Simply Be; Sole Diva Barely There Sandals in Gold from Simply Be

The key to plus size wedding guest style is simple: look beYOUtiful. Wear something that makes YOU feel beautiful and special. Depending on the mood of the wedding and the personal style of the bride, you should wear something at least one step up from what you wear normally. Make an effort, but don’t feel like you are putting on a costume. If you normally wear dresses, choose one with extra special details like beading or lace. If you’d rather die than wear a dress, opt for some chic trousers – look for tuxedo stripes, wide legs, paper bag high waists, or trouser/top sets that are out of the same material.

Because I love dresses, I chose this gorgeous dark blue midi-length Joanna Hope dress from Simply Be. It fit me perfectly and wasn’t too constricting or revealing. And I love the gold beading and floral appliques that turn this dress into something special!

2. DON’T: Wear White

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress Joanna Hope Simply Be

You guys, I know it seems ridiculous to say this, but unless the bride is doing some unbelievably chic all-white wedding thing like Solange Knowles (Google it, you will die at how amazing it looks!), then you should really avoid white altogether. Just about anything else is fair game. Florals? YES. Bold colors? YES. Metallics? YES. Ruffles, pleats, pants, stripes – even black – are on the menu. (Although, I would probably reserve black for evening weddings!)

3. DO: Wear Comfortable Shoes (or bring flats to change into!)

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress Joanna Hope Simply Be

Again – I know that you hear this all the time, but seriously — leave the stilettos at home. I’ve ignored this advice and regretted it more times than I can say. But seriously. There are so many reasons that you should wear shoes that have a smaller heel. First, you don’t know what type of terrain you’ll need to walk on – cobblestones and grass are no friend to your expensive heels. How far will you have to walk? You might think you’ll be going right to the venue, but you might end up parking a long ways away, which means your feet will be killing you before you even get to the ceremony! And let’s not forget about dancing! I love these Sole Diva Barely There Sandals in Gold from Simply Be because they look great and the heel isn’t too high so I can probably last a few hours in them before switching to flats.

4. DON’T: Show Too Much Cleavage

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress Joanna Hope Simply Be

I’m usually all about cleavage. My philosophy is if you’ve got ’em, show ’em! But weddings might be one time where modesty will serve you well. Remember, you are here to celebrate the couple – right next to their parents, kids, grandparents, etc. This is not the time to look sexy and sultry. This Joanna Hope dress from Simply Be is the perfect compromise – it’s a little revealing with the deep v-neck, but it has a beaded mesh overlay that provides some additional coverage. I don’t feel like I’m falling out of this dress or revealing too much!

5. DO: Wear Soft, Natural Makeup

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress Joanna Hope Simply Be

I’m a huge fan of dramatic makeup, but since we are trying not to upstage the bride, leave the glitter liner, dark eyeshadow, and mega contouring at home. Go for a more natural look, but still DO YOU. If you’re known for your cat eye liner, or your red lipstick, wear it of course…but try not to go overboard! Oh, and don’t forget to stash your lipstick, some powder, eyeliner, Q-tips and face blotters in your purse for touch ups at the reception!

Bonus tips for plus size wedding guests: Dress for Sweat

OK…REAL TALK. This is not a sexy topic at all, but if you’re like me, sweating during events (especially if I’ve been dancing at a wedding!) is a huge problem. So I always take Sweat Management precautions. LOL

>> First of all, I always stash a fan in my purse. Not an electric fan, but a hand-held, old school folding fan. It will definitely help cool your face sweats, in addition to being a conversation starter!

>> Next, pay attention to the fabric of the dress that you’re planning to wear. Is it going to show sweat marks during the event?  AVOID SILK LIKE THE PLAGUE. It will show every drop of sweat and repels water. Your dress or shirt will be ruined. And polyester-based fabrics are a sweaty gal’s worst nightmare. Choose fabrics made of natural fibers. Always choose cotton over polyester; linen over rayon.

>> Wear darker hues/shades of colors. Light colors will show ALL the sweat marks! Light blue? Total nightmare. Any shade of gray is going to betray you. But darker blue (like the shade of this dress) will not reveal sweat as easily. Similarly, bright white disguises sweat marks too, but you shouldn’t be wearing that to a wedding!

>> Wear slips or spanx as an extra layer of absorption.

>> Avoid chub rub and chafing by stashing Body Glide in your purse. This is my secret weapon against chafing. Looks like deodorant, but helps your thighs slip past each other without holding on! Here’s an affiliate link to purchase Body Glide >>

>>Don’t forget to bring a hair clip. If you start sweating, you WILL want to put your hair up. There’s nothing worse than having a head full of sweaty hair and not being able to clip it up.

What is your best advice for plus size wedding guests? Share in the comments below!

*This post contains affiliate links, so if you click on one and make a purchase, I might get a small commission!

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