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Big Fig Mattress Review: Better Beds for Plus Size People – Sponsored

Big Fig Mattress Review: Better Beds for Plus Size People - Sponsored
Big Fig Mattress Review: Better Beds for Plus Size People – Sponsored

Happy almost New Year! At the end of every year, I take a moment to think about everything that happened – the good, the bad, and even the sad. I celebrate the successes and try to put the other stuff into perspective. So – I wanted to take a moment to share one of the GOOD things that happened to me this year and it’s all to do SLEEPING! I switched my old mattress out for a Big Fig Mattress and let me tell you – a better mattress equals better sleep, and better sleep helps you SLAY your day! Read on for my full Big Fig Mattress Review!

*Big Fig Mattress gifted this king size mattress to me for review. This post does contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

My Search for a Plus Size-Friendly Mattress

Plus Size Model Amber from Style Plus Curves in pajamas on Big Fig Mattress

About 5 years ago, I bought a brand new mattress. I wanted something comfortable and supportive for my plus size body, so I searched online for mattress reviews for larger people, but came up dry! There really weren’t any mattresses out there that were specifically made for plus size people or that clearly talked about weight limits and how the mattress would wear over time.  So, without much information, I went into a mattress store and awkwardly laid on a bunch of mattresses (does that really help?!) and after a few tries, I bought one.

old mattress with wooden headboard replaced by Big Fig Mattress
My old mattress! Can you see the dips??

It was OK – but about 2 years in, it started to dip! There seemed to be an Amber-sized hole on my side of the bed, and when I tried to roll into the center of the bed, it was like rolling a rock uphill. This happened after 2 years, y’all. And that mattress was NOT cheap. I couldn’t believe that it had worn out that quickly, and I really didn’t have high hopes for replacing it any time soon. But then, I went to the TCFStyle Expo in Atlanta where I met representatives from Big Fig Mattress – and everything changed!

Big Fig Mattress is the first mattress made specifically for plus size people

Brand New Big Fig King Mattress

I was thrilled that there was finally a mattress company out there that was addressing MY needs. The design, the materials, and the construction of Big Fig mattresses were developed in response to the pain points of plus size consumers. Dipping, sagging, lack of support, and overheating were issues that plus size consumers often had with mattresses and so Big Fig designed one to address all of those issues.

In their own words: “Built from the ground up, our mattress meets all the needs of a bigger figure. Our mattress is made with stronger, higher quality materials like high density foam, a 1600 count independent coil spring system (1600 coils in King/Cal King), perforated breathable foam with ThermoGel cooling technology, and extra edge support. We also paired it with a sturdy wooden foundation that supports 2,000 lbs, up to 5x the weight of traditional foundations. This is a mattress made to last and proudly backed by a 20 year full replacement warranty.”

My Big Fig Mattress Review

Big Fig Mattress with Anthropologie Bedding

I was SO excited when my new Big Fig Mattress arrived! I upgraded from a queen to a king bed and had bought all new bedding and pillows in preparation. The white-glove delivery was amazing and they got everything set up perfectly – even removing my old sad mattress. The new mattress was HUGE! So much space was luxurious and my boyfriend was thrilled with the upgrade.

We were pumped to go to sleep on Night 1. But y’all – our first night was actually pretty rough. This mattress is FIRM, and our bodies were not used to it. The first night was ok for me – but my boyfriend was up and down a dozen times. He could not get comfortable and that made for a miserable night. Night 2 was a little worse for me.  I’m a side sleeper and there just wasn’t a lot of give in the mattress, so I felt cramped and uncomfortable. The rest of that week was touch and go – some bad nights, some ok nights.

But everything started to change on Night 10. It really took a little over a week to get used to the new mattress. I don’t know if it took that time for our bodies to adjust or if the mattress actually loosened up and got softer. But either way – things got a lot better after that first week and then got great after a month.

Rocky Start to Rave Review

Even with that uncertain and rocky start, I can honestly say that I have never slept so well! I’m now about 4 months in and absolutely love my Big Fig Mattress.

Style Plus Curves, Chicago Blogger, Big Fig Mattress Review

The differences between my old mattress and the new Big Fig Mattress were immediately apparent. Starting with the metal frame and the box spring – these are heavy-duty and you can tell they are reinforced and stronger than the “regular” ones that I was used to. The mattress is thick and sturdy and doesn’t bend or sag when you sit on the edge of the bed.

The worst thing about my old mattress (besides the big dip) was that every time my boyfriend moved or got up in the middle of the night, the whole bed would shake and bounce. He was a very restless sleeper and would get up at least 3 times every night – so that meant I woke up too.  With our new Big Fig Mattress, he doesn’t get up as much and when he does, I am not disturbed!

Coffee and bed hair

The other thing that I appreciate is that the bed feels substantial and sturdy. I used to be afraid of breaking my old box spring and have definitely bent an old metal bed frame! But I don’t worry about that at all with my new bed. There’s no creaking or shifting when I get in or move around!

Plus Size Review of Big Fig Mattress

I wake up in the morning feeling rested and without pain. Now that I think about it, I think I actually have fewer headaches than I used to. When you get a good night’s sleep, you also have more energy and creativity to run on throughout the day. It’s definitely made a huge difference for me!


  • Better Sleep: There’s no question that I’m sleeping longer and deeper on my new mattress (my FitBit can prove it!). My spine is aligned and I’m properly supported throughout the night.
  • No Jiggling When My Partner Moves: When my boyfriend moves or gets up at night, I barely feel it – so he doesn’t wake me up!
  • 120 Nights to Try It: Honestly, it’s hard to make a good decision about a mattress unless you try it out for at least 3 months. So this 120 night trial time is awesome. That should give you enough time to adjust to the mattress and evaluate how you’re sleeping!
  • Easy Online Ordering: Big Fig is an online retailer – so you unless you see one of their displays at an event or expo, you won’t get a chance to see it before you order. But honestly, I don’t think that makes a difference. You can lay down on a hundred mattresses, but unless you actually have it in your home and SLEEP on it, then you can’t tell if its good or not. I actually loved not having to deal with the mattress store at all. It was easy to place the order online and schedule a delivery.
  • Amazing White-Glove Delivery: Y’all, this white glove delivery service is no joke. I think they contract with different companies in each state, so I’ve heard that some people have had delivery woes. But the company that did mine was great. It’s hard to move a mattress and get everything set up, and the team did an amazing job – even with the tight corners in my apartment. In fact, they couldn’t get it up through the front hallway and had to go around to the back to get it in!
  • Sturdy Base and Frame: No creaking or groaning, and no fear of breaking the bed! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend ordering the metal frame. In my experience, other frames will not hold up this base or the bed. The frame is high quality and durable and made to support the weight of the bed, the base AND you and your partner. Also – a note on the base – if you’re short, you might want to go with the 5″ base, since the mattress is quite tall. I’m 5’9 and I like my bed high, so I went with the 9″ base, but for my shorties out there, you might need to hop into it!
  • 20 Year Free Repair & Replacement Warranty – WHAT? I fully plan to have this mattress for 20 years. The typical warranty length for a mattress is 10 years, so Big Fig has doubled that and will repair your mattress or replace it if something goes wrong. That’s a huge plus!


  • Takes a while to break in/loosen up: Give it a few weeks before you make a judgment. The mattress will feel very firm and your body will need to adjust. If you’re scared of those first few weeks, go ahead and order a mattress topper to help with the transition!
  • Design on top of mattress bothers me sometimes: The top of the mattress is tufted in a specific pattern – and for some reason, there’s one little spot that I feel sometimes. It doesn’t hurt – it’s just that I become aware of it – kind of like a Princess and the Pea situation. A topper would definitely take care of this too.
  • It’s HEAVY: This mattress is hard to move by yourself. I tried to put a dust ruffle on the bed without my boyfriend and nearly hurt myself! I gave up – don’t attempt to move it without another person’s help!



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  • Girllll😍😍 I know this is one thing all plus size women worry about. A lot of these mattresses are horrible😂😂 I prefer a firm mattress because anything soft I’m going to sink into and have to roll out🤣🤣🤣

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