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Chicago Fashion Fetish Fete: Doolin, of Adela Red

I’m not sure of the story behind this line, but I think the designer’s name is Jessy Doolin. The line is called Doolin, of Adela Red. Her designs are playful and sexy with a touch of innocence. I love the sassy jewelry, shoes, fans, parasols and accessories she paired with the clothes. They truly set the tone for the show…and I adore it! This is how I would dress everyday if I had the resources for it!

I could see myself wearing all of these outfits…If they were made in my size, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚
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Chicago Fashion Fetish Fete: Crescendo Apparel

Crescendo Apparel designs clothes for women with “small waists and full hips.” The collection seems to emphasize a-line skirts/dresses with cinched or belted waists…which is pretty universally flattering. I appreciate the targeted nature of these designs, and even though I’m not a pear-shape, I know these dresses would work for me as well. Here is a video I took of the show and a few still shots. What do you think? Could you rock these fashions?

This was my favorite dress…it’s unexpectedly futuristic with the non-traditional portrait collar.
The founder of Crescendo Apparel, Kathryn McKetchnie, takes a bow.

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Chicago Fashion Fetish Fete: Shavonne Dorsey

Another one of my favorite shows from Fashion Fetish Fete: Shavonne Dorsey. What I like especially about this line, is that it has something for woman of all shapes and sizes. Dresses that flatter thin shapes, and curvier shapes were sent down the runway one after another. I like that her line isn’t only for one body type…it is truly what fashion should be (in my humble opinion)…inclusive and celebratory…showing off the clothes and the woman in them to their best advantage. I can’t wait to see what else Shavonne Dorsey comes out with in the future! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on her career!

I was so happy (and surprised!) to see my friend Nikeya Young walk the aisle in this stunning, colorful floral dress. It flattered her full-figure gorgeously!!!

I was still focusing on Nikeya in this pic…but this dress was gorgeous…so elegant! I’m sad I didn’t get a better picture!

Simple and elegant seem to be defining characteristics of this line.

Another beautiful dress for curvier physiques! Love the lattice work pattern and the fresh blue color.

These shoes were ridiculously fierce. 3 Spikes coming out of both sides!!! 

This is one of those dresses that will work for many different body types…and occasions.

What do you think of this line so far?

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Chicago Fashion Fetish Fete: Modahnik

I’ve fled the city in order to enjoy some fall sunshine up in the mountains! Let’s hope the weather cooperates… But, while I’m romping through the wilderness, I’ll leave you with another runway show from the Fashion Fetish Fete. This line is called Modahnik. It’s bright, fun, a little wild and definitely surprising! It was one of my favorite shows of the night. What do you think?

How fun and different is this little bubble dress? Complete with pockets!!! The model definitely had fun walking in  it.!

This dress was pretty cool…but the model could barely walk in it! She had to take itty-bitty steps,  and it was still  touch and go. I hope the designer will alter it and put a slit in the back, just for simple mobility! ๐Ÿ™‚
This collection is designed by Kahindo Mateene, who part of the 2011 Macy’s Fashion Incubator program. Overall, these dresses were fun, funky, cool, and colorful…and would definitely demand attention wherever one would go wearing it. ๐Ÿ™‚
Could you see yourself wearing these designs?
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Fashion Fetish Fete: Sinuous by Felicia

Ugh. I’m sick as a dog. I hate being sick! So as I’m huddled up here on my sofa, wrapped in my decidedly unfashionable but extremely fluffy, soft, bright blue bathrobe, I’ll share another series of pics from the Fashion Fetish Fete last weekend. Next up is Sinuous Fashions by Felicia (I’m linking to her site, but not much is up yet…).

This chartreuse color is totally hot for SS12, and I like the drape of the fabric.

Again, great color…and the wide belt is great for solidly-built gals. ๐Ÿ™‚

I must say that this dress was so hot and sexy, it had the crowd swooning. Of course, only 1 out of every 500 women could pull it off…but for those who do, it definitely makes a statement. lol

I liked this dress too…the subtle variations in the gray slate color were tough, yet soft at the same time.

Whew! This is another show-stopper dress. Gorgeous, but dare I say…impractical? Especially if you have any girls over a B cup. lol.

OK, that’s all for now I think…unless I stop coughing long enough to edit some more pics.

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