Halloween: Or, Curves that Can Raise the Dead

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I usually start plotting and planning my outfit weeks before the big night…and most of the time I opt for something creative and I’ll make it myself. But not this year…oh no. This year, I pulled out the big guns…or I should say “big girls.” lol.

I knew that after fashion week and my birthday, I wouldn’t have time to make anything, so I decided to go to Fantasy Costumes Chicago and see what plus-size selection they had…It was predictably sad in the general costume room…there were next to no plus size options, and you had to point to a costume ask the attendant if they had it in plus size. Most of the time, they didn’t. lol. Anyway, I had more luck in the “sexy costume” room. Here, they had a whole wall section devoted to plus size costumes. I tried on a few…and finally decided to give into the inevitable “sluttiness” of the holiday. I went with a very cleavage-friendly flight attendant costume.

Here I am in all my glory. lol

Fun was definitely had by all…and I did not lack for male suitors. lol

So, what did YOU wear for Halloween? Did you go creative…or slutty? Did you have any luck finding costumes in your size?

Leave a comment and tell me what you dressed up as!

Boom in the Trunk at Beauty Bar

A bar that serves martinis AND manicures, how have I never been here before?? I love the decor and the whole vibe at Beauty Bar, and I’m definitely going back.

But on to the main event: Boom in the Trunk. Organized by Tiffany from Fatshopaholic and Rachel from Very Busy and Important, this event was a time to come together and celebrate stylish, curvy women–and celebrate we did!

Here’s some snaps from the night…the first two were taken by Josh Slater, the official photographer for the event, and I took the rest with my dinky little Canon. πŸ™‚

Tiffany and Rachel…aren’t they cute? Photo courtesy of Josh Slater.
The fabulous Nikeya Young and Lindsey Adams. Don’t we look amazing? Photo courtesy of Josh Slater.
As soon as I walked in, this group of women caught my attention. The gal in the awesome vintage dress on the left was so funny and nice, and I’m can’t believe I can’t remember her name! Erica is in the middle and Jazz is on the right. So glad I got to meet them!
I was super early, so people were just starting to arrive. 
Jinna and Amanda. So cute! I love Rachel’s ASOS Curve dress!
These gorgeous girls came all the way from Michigan (or Minnesota? somewhere far away…) and were adorable! Bonnie and Orquidea, find me on Twitter! I want to keep up with you!
Three of the featured bloggers of the evening: Olivia from An Olive a Day, Christina from Xtina the Great, and Jaimielee from Hippopotomuslee. Check out their blogs! A.MAZ.ING!
Jazz…in a word: Fabulous.
Got my nails done! Martini and Manicure for $10!
Tiffany greets everyone and introduces the entertainment for the evening: Samwell.
Samwell…love the rhinestone tie!
The crowd got into it!

My friend Stephanie! We were int the same bootcamp class a year ago! πŸ™‚

PARTY!!! lol.

Can you tell we had fun???
About my outfit:
The most amazing python print semi-sheer tunic dress: LucieLu via vivelafemme
My favorite stone leather boots: Fergie via Nordstrom Rack
Metal and leather belt: Lane Bryant

I’m going to do a whole tribute post to this dress soon because I love it so much!

Fall into Fab at Love and Pieces: Amazing jewelry, great prices!

When I got an invitation from Jaye at Curvatude to attend a special event at a jewelry store in Wicker Park, I squealed in delight, but my credit cards let out a whimper. lol. I just knew that I would find something gorgeous that I had to have and would overspend my budget! But only half of my assumption came true!

I found an incredible pair of jade quartz drop earrings and a fantastic Swarovski crystal bracelet at Love and Pieces…and spent under $70! Go to Love and Pieces, y’all…I’m serious. I’m already planning to buy more bracelets as gifts for all the ladies in my family. πŸ™‚

Jaye puts on a classy event. πŸ™‚ We had wine and appetizers, gift bags (even though I forgot mine!), and had amazing vegan cupcakes and cake-pops. Delish is an understatement!

Jaye looks fantastic! I love the sequin skirt she picked up at Lane Bryant!
Jenny Lawson from The Mixing Bowl Bakery bakes these unbelievable vegan cupcakes. These were peanut butter and banana-I think they’re called the Elvis Special. πŸ™‚ She also has a cute blog called A Cupcake Chronicle. Check it out! The wine was sponsored by Gene Stephens from GSC Consulting. It was so nice of her!
Yummy Appetizers, sponsored by one of the local restaurants. 
If you’ve never had a Cake Pop…click this link immediately! The Sweetest Thang owner, Brooke Michele is a goddess!
Jaye, Me, and Cha’rron πŸ™‚
I love Cha’rron from CChicChicago! I run into her at all the best fashion events. πŸ™‚
Gene Stephens looks fabulous!
Is this not stunningly beautiful? I could wear this with a burlap sack and still look fabulous. lol
Love, thy name is smoky quartz!

Hello, gorgeous!

Michelle Rubin, the owner of Love and Pieces. Go see her and buy gorgeous things!

Thanks, Jaye for organizing the Fall into Fab event! πŸ™‚

Black and Blue and an Elegant ‘Do

Even though I wasn’t overly impressed with the StyleChicago.com’s The Art of Fashion event, I was happy with how my outfit turned out. lol. Does that sound awful??

I wanted to glam it up for the evening, so I went with classic black.This dress is an example of something that looked kind of boring on the rack…but, it was on clearance for around $10 at T.J. Maxx, so I took it to try on just in case. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it! The neckline and ruffled bottom save this dress from being a simple shift. And because it was freezing (and I don’t like showing my arms), I tied a sheer wrap around my shoulders backwards. This whole look turned out way more elegant than I expected. πŸ™‚

Polka dot hose and blue platforms completed the look!

I wore my hair in a side chignon and added a feather brooch as a hairpiece. 
Outfit Rundown:
Black Dress: MSK Woman via T.J. Maxx
Sheer Wrap: Dressbarn
Blue Platforms: Free Press via Nordstrom Rack
Disco bracelet: Forever 21
Feather brooch/hairpiece: vintage (from my friend Michelle!)

Is this really The Art of Fashion?

The finale of Fashion Focus Chicago was StyleChicago.com’s The Art of Fashion. I usually try not to be negative about any of the shows, but truthfully, I just wasn’t that impressed. There were about 2 or 3 looks that were noteworthy, but overall, there wasn’t really anything new or showstopping to me. Here’s the video I made from the runway show. See if you can pick out 3 dresses/outfits that really impress you…I’d love to hear your opinions!

What’d you think? Am I just jaded and off-base? It is possible that I was experiencing fashion burn-out.

Here are the three dresses that DID impress me…

How adorable is this Borris Powell outfit? The 2 tones of yellow, the bright ruffles, the adorable blue pinstripe jacket with yellow button and  matching belt detail….this look is so bright and fun and spring-ish. LOVE IT.

Two other stunning Borris Powell yellow dresses. 

This Nora del Busto dress was the one that blew me away. When the model walked, the ruffles kicked up and showed their white insides. It was flirty and stunning…and totally unique.

What do you think? Overall, it was a nice event, and the fashions were pretty…just a little uninspired, in my humble opinion.

Amber from Style Plus Curves

30-Something Plus Size Fashion Blogger Living In Chicago

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